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City of Pleasanton Salutes LMA

LMA Productions was recognized by Pleasanton's City Council on its 20th Anniversary of business in the community.  LMA was acknowledged for its outstanding contributions in the field of corporate & marketing media productions.


In-House Production Equipment Rental PDF 

We stock a full assortment of broadcast production equipment - they are of course, the tools of our trade and assembled together for the production packages we bring to your project. It is generally not our focus to be a rental house for general call, though we have been known to assist other professionals at times of need.

Our compliment of in-house equipment includes:

• various flavors of studio cameras and camcorders in the Sony BVW and BVP series
• VTRs including DVCam, BVW and PVW Betacam SP, and even the Sony D-2 format
• Teleprompters
• Monitors for NTSC, PAL, SECAM, both wide screen (16:9) and standard (4:3) video and High Definition display
• Scan converters for clean computer recording
• Switchers, Video distribution and thousands of feet of interconnect cable
• Audio packages, mixers, wireless mics, booms, and voice mics

In addition, LMA can provide virtually any other production equipment you can imagine through our network of suppliers. Please let us know if you have specific requirements, and we can provide you a turnkey solution.

Of course, our fully integrated control room is wired up an ready to go with even more equipment and capabilities. Whether you have a talk show, or simply need to do live greenscreen compositing (like a TV weather reporter would do), our control room may be exactly what you need.