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City of Pleasanton Salutes LMA

LMA Productions was recognized by Pleasanton's City Council on its 20th Anniversary of business in the community.  LMA was acknowledged for its outstanding contributions in the field of corporate & marketing media productions.


Client Access
You may use a web browser or an FTP program to transfer files


1) Click this link
2) Enter your login name and password (case sensitive)
3) Right click (ctrl-click in Mac) to download the file. We recommend right-clicking so that you can save it on the desktop in the easiest way possible.


FTP "File Transfer Protocol" is a superior method to transfer files to and from LMA. If the term is unfamiliar, you should read no further and use a browser as described above. Any standard FTP client will work. Set it for passive (pasv) mode.

Your user name and password should be obtained from your account executive at LMA

Even if you follow these instructions, there are a variety of network conditions that can cause FTP to fail. Most often this is due to "port blocking" or other IT policies that are employed as security measures. The "web browser method" rarely fails, as it uses the same network scheme as regular browsing (internet port 80). If you are familiar with FTP but are experiencing problems, consider using the web browser interface for your immediate needs, and contact technical support at LMA to resolve your FTP issue.

Anonymous Upload and Download

Uploading and downloading files is always possible, even if you do not have (or remember) your login/password. To upload, use "upload" as the name and "upload" as the password. Inform your LMA staff member of the file's name, and we will retrieve it.

To download without using a private password, use "download" as the login/pass. You will need to first ask us to put your file in the LMA DOWNLOAD directory. Please remember that this disk space is visible to all, and you should not have us place your files in this directory if you consider them sensitive or proprietary.


You can login to your email account if you have a email address.